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          Soil Fumigant JX-DMDS
          1、JX-DMDS is a liquid pre-plant soil fumigant for the control of soil-borne pests and diseases. It is could be a viable replacement for methyl bromide and other fumigants.
          2、before planting by fumigation of JX-DMDS, there is significant increase in production.
          Farmers can get a higher income and better economic benefits.
          3、We are aiming to use JX-DMDS in the high economic value of the crop, such as ginger, strawberry, tomato, cucumber, Chinese yam, ginseng, etc..
          4、The United States and other European countries and regions have achieved pesticide registration and JX-DMDS is widely used in fruits,vegetables, plants, forestry and nursery planting. JX-DMDS is in the early phase to legally used as fumigants in China.
          Soil Fumigant JX-DMDS ( in tomato planting)—Comparison Figure.

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