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          聯系電話 0576-85588488
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                  Linhai Jianxin Chemical Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of sunrise industrial group, a leading enterprise of national designated pesticide fumigant, and a member of the first Council of soil disinfection branch of China Agricultural Ecological Environment Protection Association. It holds the industrial product production license and pesticide registration certificate issued by the state. The company adheres to the "green intelligent manufacturing" concept of safety, high efficiency, clean and friendly, and all product lines realize the material transportation pipeline, production process sealing, operation automation, and management information operation; it has successfully passed the quality ISO9001, environmental ISO14001, occupational health and safety OHSAS18001 and other international standardized management system certification. In 2018, it was rated as a "class a enterprise" in the management of precursor chemicals and won the outstanding contribution award of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.
          The company's main products are the pesticide fumigant demefon ? and methyl bromide, as well as other pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates. Among them, the annual output of demefon ? raw materials and preparations is 1200 tons, that of bromomethane raw materials and preparations is 2500 tons, and that of trimethylsulfoxide bromide and trimethylsulfide bromide is 200 tons. At present, the company's products are based on the domestic entry-exit quarantine and pesticide and pharmaceutical markets, and are exported to dozens of countries such as Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, etc., which are well received at home and abroad.
          The company always adheres to the business philosophy of "creating value for partners", adheres to the enterprise values of "justice first and faith-based", and makes unremitting efforts for the enterprise tenet of "improving the living environment". Warmly welcome new and old users to visit, guide and exchange!

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