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          Significance of soil fumigation

              In recent years, due to years of continuous planting and the lack of crop rotation, a large number of harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses, along with knot nematode, underground pests, weeds and others, are very easy to breed in the soil, which is difficult to prevent and control. It is in this case that many planting bases of high-value corps are suffering from increasingly severe problems of soil pest and disease, which dramatically influences the output and quality of corps and becomes one of the most bothering problems of growers. Soil disinfection can effectively kill a variety of pests in the soil, solve the problems of continuous cropping and soil borne diseases,  and significantly improve the yield and quality of crops. It is an effective way to guarantee the quality of agricultural products, an effective solution and a new emerging technology of recent years to effectively prevent and control the pest and disease of plants, which has been widely used abroad.

              Commonly used soil disinfection technologies can be classified into three major categories: physical disinfection, chemical disinfection and biological fumigation. Physical methods include solar disinfection, steam disinfection and hot water disinfection, etc. Biological fumigation technology is applied by using additional organic fertilizer, adding straw, rice stalk, rotary tillage and then covering the soil with plastic sheeting in order to raise the temperature and generate ammonia to kill soil pathogens and nematodes. Among these, the chemical method is the most stable one to guarantee the effect., which is applied by injecting fumigants into the soil for disinfection purpose. The fumigant can evenly distribute to every corner of the soil, most of which then decomposed and evaporated in the soil. It has been verified by the developed countries after years’study, that the metabolic products will be absorbed without any residue.

             Our company is a producer of chemical fumigants including methyl bromide and JX-DMDS. Among them, Methyl Bromide(Mbr)  is internationally recognized as the most effective and widely-used fumigant. However, because of its role in destruction of the ozone layer, China currently allowed only a small amount of exemption for ginger planting.


             The application of soil disinfection has just started in the country, with an application rate of less than 0.1%.There are scaled application in Shandong, Beijing, Hebei and other places, mostly targeted for strawberries, ginger, watermelon, asparagus and other high value corps. The company will actively promote the orderly development of Chinese soil disinfection division, and make unremitting efforts for cultivation of healthy soil for sustainable planting!

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